One Door Closes, Another Opens

To Make a Difference has been a good experience for me (hopefully for you, as well), but it is time to call it quits. This will be the last time I post here and, at the present time, I do not intend to pick it up again.

I started posting in March on another blog about the corona virus, the hysterical fear and panic within the general public, and the heavy-handed edicts (lockdowns, face mask mandates, etc.) from various government officials who have taken advantage of it. Since that time, the work has grown and evolved until it is now taking up a very large part of my free time and there doesn’t appear to be any letup in sight. I have to let something go. Sorry to say, To Make a Difference is the victim of circumstance.

Abortion, as we know it, has been with us for a long time and is so pervasive throughout society that we have generally become accustomed to it. This does not mean that we can ignore the practice, but in reality at the present, it is not a threat to our way of life. That it kills millions of unborn babies every year throughout the world is a fact of life which we should continue to oppose and work to eliminate. Yet, if abortion does continue as it has over the last fifty years in America, nothing substantially devastating will change within our society.

The corona virus episode is different. It poses a very real threat to our lives, our liberties, and our relationships. If the virus is as deadly as it is claimed to be, then many of us are in mortal danger and we should be taking all precautions against it. If it is not and we have been fed a pack of lies, then all of us stand to lose the civil rights which we have enjoyed for decades and centuries.

To me, the immediate, existential danger to our society, our health, and our liberty is the Covid crisis. Because of that belief, I am putting down everything which is not “essential” and focusing on that. Once (when, if) the Corona Monster is in the rearview mirror and rapidly receding into the past, I may come back to the abortion issue. I cannot say. I do not know what is going to happen.

Nevertheless, your support has been valuable. I wish you all well and encourage you to keep the faith. As believers in the Gospel and disciples of Jesus the Christ, we have hope that all this will be brought under His control.

If you are interested in reading my thoughts on the Covid-19 matter, then simply click here. Comments are encouraged and will always be answered.

Thank you.

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